15 Kingsmere Rd, Chelsea Québec
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Tradition and Boldness

For 35 years, L’Orée du Bois has been true to its core values and made its mark by putting its customers first. Be it through its quality service, its dynamic personnel, its refined and bold menu, its cozy atmosphere or its creativity, Chelsea’s gourmet restaurant is a culinary standard that is deeply rooted in tradition, but that upholds a gastronomic vision which is resolutely turned towards the future.


Architecture and culinary experience

Built within the walls of a former farmhouse and boasting a charming rustic decor moulded by the changing seasons in Gatineau Park, L’Orée du Bois cannot deny its connection with nature or its symbiotic relationship with the land, which gives it its unique character in a incomparable location where time stands still for a few hours and becomes one with the present.

The dark red buildings that house L'Orée du Bois are those of a farmhouse built at the turn of the last century. The restaurant features a Mansart style front roof, named after renowned French architect François Mansart, who lived during the reigns of Louis XIII and Louis XIV.

And it’s no coincidence that we find an abundance of wood in its decor and numerous paintings depicting nature, bringing together all of the ingredients to create moments of perfection.